Our Purpose/Mission

The will of God to be at the centre of everything we do.

All members listening to,  and acting in unity on,  guidance from the Holy Spirit.

An unstoppable, rapid-growing army of God – fighting together for God’s truth to be upheld, and for freedom for the captives.

Daily signs, wonders and miracles following the preaching of the gospel - wherever members preach it.

A family, full of joy, honour  and love – supporting and encouraging those who struggle (not  condemning them),  but yet upholding God’s word.

Every member using their Spirit-given gifts to further the Kingdom, and every member’s contribution equally valued.

Leaders and members of all ministry teams, 100% committed to the vision,  and prioritising their time to see it happen.

Sister church on Lyme Park,  in constant use by young people active in Kingdom Service – including providing work for the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Holy Spirit led worship provided by young believers, being mentored, taught and released in their giftings, by experienced worship leaders and first class musicians.

Upcoming Events

Monday 15th July
9:00am - 11:15am -
Tuesday 16th July
7:30pm -
Wednesday 17th July
11:00am - 12:00pm -
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